The Political Use of Fear and News Reporting in Italy: The Case of Berlusconi’s Media Control

Massimo Ragnedda, Glenn W. Muschert, The Political Use of Fear and News Reporting in Italy:The Case of Berlusconi’s Media Control, in Columbus, Frank (ed.). Journalism in the 21st Century: A Time of Turbulent Change. Hauppage, NY: Nova Science Publishers (forthcoming)

Abstract: This chapter explores the relationship between fear of crime and political dynamics in Italy. Of particular relevance is the fact that Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is the richest person in Italy, controlling a large share of the mass media industry. Berlusconi uses his media influence to cultivate the public’s fear of crime, for his own political gain. The chapter explores the social science literature concerning public issues, media coverage, and public fear. The Italian media landscape is described, including Berlusconi’s direct or indirect control of various media. The main thrust of the chapter explores the aspects of Berlusconi’s manipulation of crime coverage in media, which manipulates the public’s fear of crime, which in turn may be associated with voting behaviours. Concluding reflections explore the complexities of the model of media manipulation presented and the importance of the Italian case in a global climate of continuing capital accumulation in media industries.


14 Responses to “The Political Use of Fear and News Reporting in Italy: The Case of Berlusconi’s Media Control”

  1. Chiara Fonio Says:

    Ciao Massimo,
    molto interessante.
    Me lo invieresti via mail?
    Mi farebbe piacere leggerlo.


  2. mragnedda Says:

    Lo invio ora. Fammi sapere che ne pensi.

    A presto


  3. Monica Federico Says:

    Ciao Massimo, molto interessante il tuo articolo. Potresti inviarmelo? Grazie!

    Monica Federico


  4. K Hepworth Says:

    Ciao, l’articolo sembra molto interessante. Me la invieresti via mail.
    Katie Hepworth


  5. MapMaker Mike Says:

    It’s true we live in a fear based culture with a predominant fear based media. But this is changing. We have more power than we think!

    Keep it up,


  6. irenepalermo Says:

    Ciao Massimo sono molto interessata al tuo articolo.
    Potresti inviarlo anche a me, please?


  7. Chiara Moscardini Says:


    This article seems very interesting. I am doing research into a similar issue and would very much like to read it. If you could send me it via email that would be great!

    Chiara Moscardini


  8. Gunther Malin Says:

    Ciao Massimo,

    Sto cercando un soggetto per la mia tesi di laurea e forse sceglierò un soggetto sulla relazione Berlusconi – Media italiani. Il tuo articolo mi sembra un buon inizio per sapere un po’ di più su questa problematica. Mi potresti inviare il tuo articolo?

    Grazie mille,



  9. Luca Caruso Says:

    Hi Massimo,
    I hope that you fill good. I am looking for the relationship between social media and italian politicians and your article is related with my topic. Could you send me the article because I can’t download it. Thank you in advance Best Regrads,


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