IAMCR 2019. Digital Divide Working Group

did-logo-optimalWe have been receiving many great submissions to our Working Group in the past weeks. Looks like we’ll have lots of interesting discussions and presentations at IAMCR 2019, Madrid. You can still submit your abstract (both individual and panel proposals are welcome) before February 8, 2019 through OCS system.

The overarching conference theme in 2019 is “Communication, Technology, and Human Dignity: Disputed Rights, Contested Truths”. The theme addresses issues of human rights and dignity in a modern globalized world, where ICTs and artificial intelligence are influencing the way human rights are currently understood, promoted and protected. The theme seeks to explore the role of information and communication technologies in both supporting and subverting the exercise of rights and the achievement of universal dignity. It also argues that such rights as the right to voice and visibility, to have one’s experiences and ideas fairly represented in public sphere, to have access to the comprehensive information are now gaining a status of fundamental rights in the society.

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Towards Digital Equity

hong kong presentationOn January 10-11 2019, I participated at the International Symposium “Wellbeing and Inequality in the Digital Age: New challenges and new possibilities” Lingnam University, Hong Kong.

The symposium, very well attended, posed interesting questions:

How will technological change impact on life chances, wellbeing and social inequality?

Is a digital society ‘smart’ for all, or exclusionary for many-and in what ways?

How is technology reshaping the social policy agenda?

What does new technology offer in terms of new ways to deliver policies and to better inform citizens?
I presented a paper titled “Towards Digital Equity” in which I argued that “digital inclusion projects”, regardless their public or private nature, aim to create an inclusive society in which no-one is left behind.

Here my abstract:

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