IAMCR 2019 Preconference/Special Issue Information, Communication and Society

gw_hum_boek_information-communicatioin-society_770x510_0Call for papers: IAMCR 2019 Preconference/Special Issue Information, Communication and Society

Era or Error of Transformation? Assessing Afrocentric Attributes of Digitalisation

Guest Editors: Bruce Mutsvairo (University of Technology Sydney), Massimo Ragnedda (Northumbria University) and Kristin Skare Orgeret (Oslo Metropolitan University)

 While the continent of Africa has long been depicted as economically and socially underdeveloped compared with other parts of the world, the potential of its peoples, natural resources and nations has always been recognised. In recent years however, it is the transformative capacity of digital communications media, particularly mobile phones, for young urbanised populations that is seen as heralding sustainable socio-economic growth and political stability. This special issue of Information, Communication & Society is intended to throw a rare and critical light upon these claims by examining how new media may be changing the everyday lives of Africans. It will also seek to understand the implications of these technological changes for nation-states within the wider geo-political context of post-colonial relations and the emergence of China as a major investor. What barriers, challenges or possibilities exist for digital literacy, human rights, democratic governance, business innovation and digital access?

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