Operationalising and measuring Digital Capital: identification of indicators

PPDDNext week (22-24 May 2019) I will be in Washington DC at the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide 2019 International Conference. I will be presenting a paper written with Maria Laura Ruiu titled “Operationalising and measuring Digital Capital: identification of indicators”. l will first introduce the Digital Capital and how we have conceptualized in bourdeusian terms as “a set of internalized ability and aptitude” (digital competencies) as well as “externalized resources” (digital technology) that can be historically accumulated and transferred from one arena to another. Then I will try to explain how we have operationlized this new specific capital. Finally I will be presenting the first results of an empirical research we carried out in the UK to measure the Digital Capital. This is the first attempt ever to operationalize and measure this new specific capital. The model we will be proposing can be used and applied in other social and cultural contexts.


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