Nominated by students for a teaching award

NominationI have been nominated by students for a teaching award. This the fourth time, since I joined Northumbria University (Newcastle), that students nominate me for this award.

Here details of my nomination:

Why do you want to thank this person?

I want to thank him for delivering good lectures and explaining the content in a clear way to the entire class. His experience in the programme and his patience in helping to explain things if it wasn’t clear from the onset, is very helpful overall.

How do they stand out from other staff at Northumbria?

He shows a lot of passion and enthusiasm in teaching the class and has a way of explaining things that makes him stand out from other ‘teachers’ I have come across in my life. In the seminar slots, he is engaging and challenges the class perception on the subject at hand plus takes the time to listen to people when they try to explain their understanding of the class subject.


 Tell us about something specific they’ve done that has made a difference to you.

In a presentation I had to do with 3 other people, there was a point where we wanted to be different and present on a subject that relates to the class content and was important as a key development, but was very unsure if my group could do it. In class I approached him, where he listened and after he asked me to summarize the key topic, he smiled and said we could do it. I was really happy, but more so, I needed the affirmation that we weren’t onto a bad topic and he assured us the topic was good. Overall, his confidence in us, or my group I should say, made us that bit bolder and we designed an amazing presentation as we wanted to impress him, our class and ourselves. Our marks for the presentation showed it was the right direction to undertake and I am really grateful for it. In the end my group was really happy and they all agreed that he is a really good lecturer.


All nominations are anonymised.


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