About me

I joined Media Department at Northumbria University, Newcastle in September 2012 as Lecturer in Mass Communications. Prior to joining the University of Northumbria, I worked at the University of Sassari from 2006 to 2012. During this time, I’ve worked as a lecturer and supervisor of research, published widely and delivered presentations in several countries.

Research Interests

A summary of the main elements or themes within my research

I have a strong interest in developments in new media and theories of media, communication and culture.

In particular my research is divided in two main areas: First, the so-called digital divide and the stratification in the access and use of the internet. In particular I am interested in the new digital exclusion in a society of information, where having or not having information may create new forms of digital inequalities with clear consequences to a democracy.

I am also interested in the mass media as a tool of social control in a democracy and the role of surveillance in a digital era, moving from author as Foucault and Deleuze and looking for the connection with new technologies of Communication and in particular internet and web 2.0.




I welcome enquiries from prospective research students who wish to undertake projects related to the following research fields:

  • Digital divides and digital inequalities
  • Digital inclusion and Digital exclusion
  • Internet research/Internet studies
  • Digital research
  • Digital media/Social media


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