Takeaway from my presentation at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

On the 15th of May 2023, I had the privilege of participating in an outstanding workshop at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, alongside colleagues from Brazil and Spain, to discuss the crucial topic of Digital Sustainability. I am honored to be a member of the research group, “Red Transamazónica de Cooperación en Información y Conocimiento para el Desarrollo Sostenible.”

During my talk, I emphasized the pressing need to update our theoretical and policy frameworks in order to address poverty and promote digital sustainability. Digital sustainability refers to the utilization of digital technologies to foster environmental, social, and economic sustainability, thereby contributing to a sustainable future for all.

One key aspect that requires further exploration is the individual contributions to the digital economy and their environmental impact through the use of digital technologies. It is essential to investigate these aspects in relation to the concepts of both digital poverty and environmental poverty. By reframing the concept of digital poverty, we can better align it with the new dynamics and forces that shape it.

I underscored the importance for scholars and researchers to actively support policy-making efforts that enhance the digital well-being of citizens. This involves improving their digital lives and health, reducing pressure on healthcare and environmental systems, while simultaneously bolstering the economy, fostering business growth, and prioritizing environmental protection.

With Maria Laura Ruiu (Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the Northumbria University) I am currently in the process of finalizing a book titled “Digital Environment Poverty,” which will be published by Palgrave, and it delves further into these vital aspects.


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